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    OTA on WICED 3.0.1 vs 3.1.2

      I need to implement OTA for my application (or even snip.scan as an example) that is running on WICED 3.0.1 with a corresponding platform file provided by the module vendor.


      I can see that 3.0.1 does not have native support for OTA using the STM32F411 but 3.1.2 does have support through snip.ota_fr


      I have tried porting the vendor's platform file to 3.1.2 and got it compiling, but "make download" fails.


      I've also considered trying to add custom OTA to 3.01 but that looks like some work and not the best way forward.


      I would like to support both push and pull models, but more importantly, I want something simple that's quick and easy so this project continues moving forward.


      Can someone suggest the best path forward?