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    .hex file created on Mac does not work when downloaded from Windows???

      Hi all,


      Our development PCs are Macs running OS X (Yosemite).  The SDK is 2.2 for the BCM20736S/BCM20737S.  So we have compiled, created .hex files, downloaded and tested them.  They always work.


      Our manufacturer uses PCs running Windows (10).  We sent them the .hex files we created, they downloaded the file to the device and the code does NOT run.  They got a hold of a Mac over at their factory, tried it again, and it works as expected.


      So we tried it here in the office and, to our surprise, confirmed what they saw.  The downloaded file, in Windows ,does not run.  Wow!


      We just don't understand.  Does anyone know what is going in?


      Does WICED have a problem with Windows?





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