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    SN8000 concurrent STA + AP mode

      As I understand it (and our distributor/murata confirmed), the SN8000 (bcm43362) is supposed to support concurrent Station and AP mode. However, the process to get it going isn't documented. I have tried both the bcmdhd and the brcmfmac kernel drivers and we have not had any success. The IW commands to create a virtual interface return an error. We are testing with an i.mx6UL evk running Linux kernel 3.14.52. We are using the  SN8000UFL EVK and we had to pulldown GPIO0, and pullup WL_RST_N and VDD_3V3_EN since it appears that the kit wasn't really designed for sdio standalone (we probably should have used the CMK kit)


      Can someone provide me some direction on how to accomplish this?