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    Wiced WiFi BLE APIs vs Wiced Smart APIs



      I was trying to increase the MTU size using the function wiced_bt_gatt_configure_mtu but the only response I get is a callback and then that channel seems to be dead. The same happens if I try to increase it from the client side. I saw some mtu code in the apollo_config_gatt_server but that didn't help much.


      When I search here on the forum, I only find references to the new style Wiced Smart APIs, most beginning with blecm_. But the SDK I'm using, since I use a WiFi/BT/BLE combo chip, is the WiFi SDK with the old style APIs. The strange thing is that the BT/BLE parts of that SDK's docs are removed since 3.3, but the actual header files, examples and prebuilt libs are still there. What's the deal here? Are we supposed to use both SDKs to make combo solutions with WiFi/BT/BLE? Is it even possible to mix them?


      Greatful for any insights.