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    Unable to connect to device after wiced_tcp_accept returned an error


      I'm using SDK 3.5.2, ThreadX/NetX_Duo, and I run a TCP server on my device. Sometime when an incoming connexion arrives, accept won't work, and then I can't even get to the connect event callback.


      I run the following code in a worker thread (triggered by the connect callback):

      static wiced_result_t
      eci_connect_process (void *user_data)
          wiced_tcp_socket_t *sock = user_data;
          unsigned char *addr = (unsigned char *) &sock->socket.nx_tcp_socket_connect_ip.nxd_ip_address.v4;
          LOG_PRINT (LOG_DEBUG, "[eci] Accepting new connection from %u.%u.%u.%u on %d\n",
                     addr[3], addr[2], addr[1], addr[0], sock->socket.nx_tcp_socket_connect_port);
          wiced_result_t r = wiced_tcp_server_accept (&eci_server, sock);
          if (r != WICED_SUCCESS)
              LOG_PRINT (LOG_ERROR, "[eci] accept failed\n");
          return r;


      And I get the following output:


      LOG_DEBUG: [eci] Accepting new connection from on 59211
      Error accepting connection 2 (38)
      LOG_ERROR: [eci] accept failed


      I'm a bit confused because nx_tcp_server_socket_accept is not supposed to return 0x38 (NX_NOT_CONNECTED), or at least not from the NetX documentation I have from the SDK.


      Did someone encounter the same issue ? Is there anyway to fix this (different that rebooting) ?