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    Start and stopping BLE adverstisement

      Hi All,


      I am trying to modify the BLE hello sensor app to control BLE advertisement. I am using WICED_SDK_3.5.2.


      I have seen that when that BLE peripheral is connected to a master BLE advertisement stops and restart again once it is disconnected from the central.


      Now I want to control start and stop advertisement irrespective of connection status. For this I have used the below APIs

              result =  wiced_bt_start_advertisements( BTM_BLE_ADVERT_UNDIRECTED_HIGH, 0, NULL );   //to start BLE adv

              result =  wiced_bt_start_advertisements( BTM_BLE_ADVERT_OFF, 0, NULL );  //to stop BLE

      I have observed that BLE starts adverting successfully with above API, but Stop does not seems to work.


      So my query is that is it possible to stop BLE adv irrespective of connection status. If so, why is it failing with the api is used? Is there any additional steps required for Stopping BLE adv?


      I would really help me if i get a link/reference document giving a brief on the API used in the WICED_SDK. Any help is highly appriciated.


      Thanks in advance.