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    RTC Vbat mode - works in 3.3.1, not in 3.5.2


      I am working with an inventek ISM43362_M3G.  We have a board that keeps a supercap charged and attached to the VBAT line.


      In 3.3.1, time was preserved through power cycling for a period of time (at least 20 minutes).  I updated to 3.5.2 and enabled WICED_ENBALE_MCU_RTC.


      I set the RTC with  platform_rtc_set_time and read with platform_rtc_get_time in app, and it works fine, but on a momentary power cycle, it reset to 0 (Jan 2000).


      Has something changed in 3.5.2 with the RTC, or am I missing something?