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    Source of Production Programmer For BCM20736S


      In the process of moving our design from prototype to production, we were directed to a source for an off-the-shelf programmer for the BCM20736S module.  This is something that we've been periodically searching for and something that I imagine a number of other users have been seeking as-well.


      The manufacturer of the programmer is BP Microsystems.  Their socket adapter for the BCM20736S is the ASMC48LGD or the FX4ASMC48LGD.  This socket must be paired with one of their programmers to be a fully functional programming solution.  However, the socket alone may be of use to those that need a physical interface to the chip but will be creating their own programming back-end (possibly using the TAG3).


      Link to ASMC48LGD page:



      Link to FX4ASMC48LGD page:



      This information is provided as-is for the benefit of others; however, keep in mind that we have not used their programmer or socket and we have not vetted it in any way.