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    MAC address update




      Is there any process available to read/write device mac address using OpenOCD + JTAG or any other tool.

      We need it for Murata YDD module based on BCM43362 and SDK v3.5.2.


      Basic idea is that during our custom daughter board manufacturing we want this MAC address printed over a QR code sticker which eventually is suppose to stick over complete end product assembly.

      So while flashing the the production binary over wifi module itself we want this process of sticker printing to be completed.

      Other methods like reading MAC address through UART interface adds additional steps on production line which we certainly want to avoid.




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          Unfortunately, this may not be possible. Broadcom doesn’t allow customer to access OTP or any IC memory through JTAG.

          Open OCD is used for programing WICED software image into ST Micro chipset, not Broadcom WiFi chipset. Customer can’t use Open OCD to read Broadcom IC’s MAC address.

          The only way to read MAC address is booting up module and read through firmware.


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