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    Possible way to change mac address of Wicedsense sensor tag


      Hi i'm new in using Wicedsense sensor tag. I have two sensor devices, device1 and device2,  in one I have factory firm and in the second one other firmware which is not the factory firmware.  Now, I have face the following scenario. First, I am able to connect to the factory loaded firmware in device1 and get all the readings such as temperature , pressure , humidity etc. Second, when I switch too device2 which has the new firmware which is not factory loaded (I use wicedsense explorer to observe  whether any reading are sent). And as expected no reading are sent. Third, i turn off device2 and connect to device1 but this time it is loads with device2 characteristics.


      I think the reason this is happening is because both the devices have the mac address. So, I want know whether I am going in the right direction or not. I am fairless new to this field so any kind of help is appreciated.