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    Using big MTU to maximize throughput



      I'm trying to maximize the throughput of BLE using big MTU:s. Data is transferred via notifications. I've based my code on the speed_test and long_char_big_mtu example projects. However, I'm not sure what method I should call to know whether I can send more data using lel2cap_sendConnectionLessPkt(). In speed_test blecm_getAvailableTxBuffers() is used to know whether there are enough available TX buffers to send data.


      Trying to send data at a too high rate cause crashes (allocation error in cfa_hci_AllocateBLEACL). It works if I call it at a large interval (say, 200 ms or so).


      So, how can I do to maximize throughput using big MTU:s?


      Thanks, Jacob