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    Where should we store device specific information like serial numbers?

      Hi all,


      after having an almost finished firmware for our custom board with the BCM20737S, we have one last technical question: Where should we store device specific information like serial numbers and hardware model information that should survive an OTA upgrade?


      Is VS1 in the NVRAM a good place for this?

      If so, how can we access it properly? Which vsID should we take, which are occupied for other things?

      Is there a recommended way to store data in VS1 during flashing? (beside just inserting into the Intel HEX with own tools, which is not a big deal)


      We plan to produce two almost similar devices with some physical parts missing on a specific model. We cannot detect the differences of the device. The firmware is almost identical for both devices and has the same services and characteristics.

      It is our favored solution to have the same firmware on all devices, with the model information in NVRAM.

      Alternatively, we could deploy multiple different firmwares with the changes compiled in (e.g. with defines in the makefile).

      What would you prefer in my situation?