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    How to get RSSI of received packet




      I need to get RSSI values of any received packet in monitor mode, i.e. probe requests, assoc/deassoc request, beacons etc.
      Information from my scan provides RSSI only about APs around, but I need to get RSSI of any packet.

      RSSI is present in the radiotap header, but this header is catted in firmware, I suppose, and not being transferred via sdio/sdpcm.


      I have tried to use your api like wwd_wifi_get_ap_client_rssi (). I also tried to create my own version to work with STA iface wwd_wifi_get_rssi_by_mac but this approach failed.


      Also I have investigated all IOCTL commands and found WLC_SET_MSGLEVEL, perhaps this call can be configured to send radiotap header?


      Please help.


      WICED 3.3.1
      chip SM43362