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    How to obtain IOT Hardware Reference Platform BCM923550_EVB?

      New member's first question that I would appreciate some guidance from the knowledgeable members here on:


      Where can I buy the above IOT reference platform hardware & software development kit ?


      I am trying to obtain the BCM23350 SOC test / reference platform BCM923550_EVB so that I can begin developmenton a IOT product.


      I have been looking around for the past several days, and have placed a few calls to vendors and distributors, but so far have not had any luck in locating someone who might have heard of it, let alone have pricing and availability.


      I would appreciate any information so far as a point of contact for an organization that would have some knowledge of the platform and how to obtain / order it.


      Once I can see a successful proof of concept test, I would also be looking for a manufacturer relationship to do detail layout etc. and actually assemble the product, package it etc.  But that is all a bit further down the road from where I am now......


      At this point in time I am not interested in the Wiced platform as it doesn't appear to have the features / power that I am looking for. As a result I have been looking at the BCM23550 SOC platform which appears to have almost everything I need already integrated. The development / testing platform described in the marketing PDF appears to hit almost all of the high point feature test list items that I require. Note that I don't need WAN / LTE - at least not at this point in time - this is not another smart phone - but I will need some Apple MFI experience and testing expertise and support.


      Sorry for the rather long winded post, but I wanted to give out some general details so as to help you pick out the "best fit" for me among your relationships.


      So any contacts that you folks could point me to would help immensely.






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