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    Appliance example


      Kit: BCM9WCD9EVAL1_5

      Module: BCM943364WCD1_2

      SDK: 3.4.0 and 3,5,2

      OS: window 7 (64bit)


      Hello, is there anyone who tested Appliance example in SDK version 3.4.0 or 3.5.2??


      I want to develop demo app with Appliance example, but when I finished downloading Appliance demo on the board, It doesn't work at all.

      It doesn't show any logs.


      By the way, other example is working well. (Temp_control demo)


      (+ I changed make target name with download_apps, and I attached each build log)

      demo.appliance-BCM943364WCD1 download_apps run

      demo.temp_control-BCM943364WCD1 download_apps run


      Is there any way to run appliance demo ?