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    FCC certification BCM20737S - Limited approval = no certification?




      We developed our product, HW and SW. We used BCM20737S. it was not at all easy. It was a long and difficult path (problem wirh library, ESD, etc....)


      So now we have a good product, it works and it is not expensive. Good module.



      Start with certification.


      Start with read all document, etc...


      Start with a  authorized company for FCC certification.


      Ok BCM20737S is not full certificated for FCC (because it has not metal shield).




      Wait response from american colleagues of authorized company...


      For our product we need to do follow certification:



      CFR 47 part 15 Subpart B and



      CFR 47 Part 15.247, 15.205, 15.209 subpart C






      My questions:



      1 . is it true? Do we need all of these steps for obtain FCC certifcation?


      Our product is a normal portable product with a coin battery CR2450 and a simple half duplex serial comunication with module (module, two metal pin, diodes, capacitor and some resistance).


      2. Delta approval = no certification? because, we spent less to certify products with chipset