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    Is there a high level document that describes the make architecture?

      Is there a high level document that describes the make architecture?



      I am trying to create several new "apps" and a couple of new "libraries" that do high level things that that the new "apps" will use.


      I would like to understand how to have these new libraries better fit into the existing WICED make architecture.


      I can add a new "app" into that structure easily enough, but adding a new -I include CFLAGS and new -L -l lib LDFLAGS, etc is not clear how to do it in this architecture nor where I can put a new library into it and have those new "apps" reference it and appropriate header files.


      There are several styles of makefiles that fit into some sort of overall architecture. It would be also be great if there was something that simply listed the 5? different "types" of makefiles and 3 sentences of why they are setup the way they are and how the relate to other makefiles. Keep it simple and rough so we can see the forest - we'll dive into the trees after we see that and figure it out from there. A short diagram about how they all fit together would also be helpful - like a high-level call hierarchy. It doesn't have to be perfect, but something that helps one get a sense of how they fit together would sure help. How we fit the various HW platforms and OS implementations ThreadX NetX, etc together. Just a few pages and few diagrams that shows which sets of files do what leg work.