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    ibm watson with wiced sense (IoS app)

      Hello VikramR_26


      you created a demo application on IoS to connect WICED sense to IBM watson https://community.broadcom.com/community/wiced-smart/wiced-smart-forums/blog/2016/03/28/ios-application-for-wiced-sense-to-connect-to-ibm-watson-iotquickstart?et=blogs.comment.created#comment-5024


      i tried to compile your project with XCODE (7.3) and i got 3 errors.


      - in ssl.h : expected identifier or '('

      - in mosquitto_internal.h : unknown type name 'SSL'

      - in mosquitto_internal.h :unknown type name 'SSL_CTX'


      just by chance, did you already see this problem ?


      i don't have experience with xcode it is my first trial so maybe i've something wrong.


      thank you