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    wiced_bt_ble_scan() result is showing only connect-able BLE device advertisement (ble_evt_type 0 and 4)



      I am using Murata Type 1Dx module, which uses Broadcom BCM4343W chipset. I am  trying to bring-up the Bluetooth module & using WICED SDK 3.5.2 My host MCU platform is ARM Cortex M4.

      I want to scan nearby bluetooth devices. I am using same ble_hello_sensor application and done few modifications to it.

      In hello_sensor_management_callback() function under event BTM_ENABLED_EVT, I am calling wiced_bt_ble_scan() instead of hello_sensor_application_init().

      In the scan result callback I am seeing only connect-able BLE device advertisement (ble_evt_type 0 and 4). In every scan result callback it shows same device every-time, even I have enabled duplicate filter.

      Below is the code snippet which shows how wiced_bt_ble_scan() is called


      wiced_bt_cfg_settings.ble_scan_cfg.scan_mode = BTM_BLE_SCAN_MODE_ACTIVE;
      wiced_bt_cfg_settings.ble_scan_cfg.high_duty_scan_duration = 300;
      wiced_bt_cfg_settings.ble_scan_cfg.high_duty_scan_interval = 480;
      wiced_bt_cfg_settings.ble_scan_cfg.high_duty_scan_window = 480;
      duplicate_filter_enabled = scan_settings.filter_duplicates;


      wiced_bt_ble_scan( BTM_BLE_SCAN_TYPE_HIGH_DUTY, WICED_TRUE, ble_scan_results_cb );


      Do I need to change/add any configuration under wiced_bt_cfg_settings so as to scan all nearby bluetooth devices?

      It will be very helpful if someone can provide pointers on this.


      Thanks & Regards,