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    SNTP broken in 3.5.2 with FreeRTOS+LwIP?

      Can someone please confirm that 3.5.2 has an error in the SNTP code in sntp_get_time(...) (libraries/protocols/SNTP/sntp.c:113)?  Here, sntp_get_time(...) calls wiced_packet_create_udp( &socket, ...) , but socket is uninitialized (just random stack data).  The LwIP code (WICED/network/LwIP/WICED/tcpip.c:664) checks the socket->dtls_context against NULL and dereferences socket->dtls_context (see tcpip.c:669), causing a hard fault.


      I saw a similar (but more subtle) error in libraries/protocols/HTTP/http.c:60 in wiced_http_get(...)socket is initialized by wiced_create_socket(...), but wiced_create_socket(...) (WICED/network/LwIP/WICED/tcpip.c:254) does not zero out the structure memory.  In fact, it leaves socket->tls_context as a pointer to whatever random data the stack had previously.  So the wiced_tcp_connect(&socket, ...) call (http.c:64) fails at when the socket->tls_context is accessed through wiced_tcp_start_tls(socket) call inside wiced_tcp_connect(...) (tcpip.c:1034).


      As a user of the API, I expect wiced_create_socket(...) to fully initialize the socket structure to default (ie, non-TLS) operation.  Only wiced_enable_tls(&socket) should modify the socket->tls_context variable and change it to a non-NULL value.-- right?  I found I can fix the wiced_http_get(...) function and pull it into my application by adding a memset(&socket, 0, sizeof(socket)) call before wiced_create_socket(...).


      Most of my ported code works in spite of these issues.  But I'm guessing that is because in my application, most connections come from a global .bss memory space and are initialized to zero by libc.


      I can fix these problems in the SDK, but I'm concerned about making too many modifications to code outside of my /apps/..., as the code will get clobbered by changes in future SDK versions.


      Comments/confirmation of these errors would be appreciated.  Or (if unconfirmed), just tell me how to get SNTP working reliably.  Thanks!