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    how to set country code for using 1~13 ch and ap's 11n only mode

      product that we make is for united state market.

      we need under spec.

      1. we want to use 1~13 ch.

      2. we want to use each mode(b/g/n)


      if WICED_COUNTRY_UNITED_STATES is configured then 12, 13 ch can not use

      if WICED_COUNTRY_KOREA_REPUBLIC_OF is configured then A connection to a 802.11n-only AP can not be established.


      Depending on the country code changes, what is change?

      Does anyone have an explanation for the behaviour?

      I think that regardless of changing country code, wifi module must establish 802.11n-only ap



      I have one more question

          *data = (uint32_t) GMODE_PERFORMANCE;

          retval = wwd_sdpcm_send_ioctl( SDPCM_SET, WLC_SET_GMODE, buffer, 0, WWD_STA_INTERFACE );

      after applying upper code, i checked "probe request" packet

      but this code dosent apply packet.

      and if GMODE_B_DEFERRED, GMODE_ONLY is configured, wifi can not work