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    BCM43236B - Board Bringup

      Hello Team,


      We are using (BCM43236B) USB based dual band Wi-Fi IC in one of our project.


      As per the datasheet recommendations we have powered up the device in our PCB and IC is powered ON, with this we are able to achieve voltage levels at all the points and we are getting output voltages as mentioned in the datasheet at few pins(LDO outputs from IC) and also we are able to get XTAL out clock from the IC clock pin.


      We are facing a problem in booting up the IC, as we wanted to connect the IC to HOST PC in USB mode we have driven USB signals(USBDM, USBDP) to USB mini connector, when it is plugged to HOST PC (in windows as well as linux) we are not able to recognize the IC or the device with any VID and PID(vendor ID, Product ID) even in Device manager(windows) and listing USB devices(linux)


      I would request the Broadcom Team to support us on board bring up and driver support for at least linux OS.


      Please reply to this email for more info to be provided.

      email - jkranjan@pecsolglobal.com

      contact - +918747946777

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          I am not familiar with the BCM432363B; are you sure there is not a typo in the PN?


          It sounds like this is a chip level IC design, on Linux. None of which is supported here on the community.


          Who enabled you with this product in your region? What partner module will you use in production as we typically do not support chip level Wi-Fi designs outside of tier 1 customers.


          Please contact the team that enabled you to engage on this device as they will need to line up the support needed.