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    Welcome new Broadcom WICED Smart Design Services Partner Embedded Masters...


      Embedded Masters is an engineering team with more than 40 years combined experience in the embedded design and manufacturing world. We have expertise in taking a 'napkin' concept and turning it into a fully realized product. Our focus over the last 5-6 years has been in the area of Wireless Sensors now commonly referred to the IoT(internet of things) along with ultra-low power battery and/or Energy Harvesting powered products. We can assist in all areas of product and engineering designs including system architecture (hardware and software), mechanical design, embedded firmware, PC/GUI development and wireless communications (Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, 802.11 802.15.4, ZigBee and proprietary ISM band protocols).


      Embedded Masters, Breakout Board, EMRF-20737S, Component Distributors Inc. (CDI)


      The EMRF-20737S provides an ultra-small Breakout Board thatcan either be used in your application or it can be used in place of theBCM92073x_LE_KIT commonly sold to support the BCM20736/BCM20737S. It comes witha TPS62740 ultra low Iq DC/DC converter with up to 90% efficiency even with light loads down to 10uA. The user has complete control over the output voltageof the DC/DC via Resistor Jumpers on the bottom of the board ranging from 1.8to 3.3V in increments of 100mV. Default voltage is 3.0V.


      Datasheet: https://www.embeddedmasters.com/datasheets/embedded/EMRF-BCM20737S-BOB%20UserManualV1.0.pdf



      The EMRF-2073xS-SMT provides an ultra-small surface mountable Module/Breakout board that can either be used in your application or it can be used in place of the BCM92073x_LE_KIT commonly sold to support the BCM20736/BCM20737S. The castellated vias provide the capability to solder this directly into your application OR it still allows for headers to be soldered to the castellated vias.




      -VDD Supply voltage range of EMRF-2073xS-SMT 2.7-5.5V

      -0.6”x 0.98” Module/Breakout board that can be directly soldered into your application or be used for an ultra-small evaluation system

      -1.5MHz, 95% Efficient on-board DC/DC, RT8099 selectable between 1.8V and 3.3V

      -All Pins Broken Out to Standard 0.1"/2.54mm Spaced Headers/castellated vias for use with SMT process

      -DC/DC Regulated voltage is supplied on Module pinout and can be used to Power other surrounding components. RT8099 can supply up to 600mA.


      Datasheet: https://www.embeddedmasters.com/datasheets/embedded/EMRF-BCM2073xS-SMT-UserManual.pdf

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