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    Passkey pairing issue: Phone won't disconnect with BLE device after pairing and bonding

      Hi, Broadcom:


      I'm working on a BLE device(no input, no display). I enabled PASSKEY_PAIRING same as Hello_Sensor apps.

      I can pair and bond with my BLE device successfully using Android phone apps.

      When I try to disconnect from BLE in the apps, it didn't.

      The BLE device didn't receive BLECM_APP_EVT_LINK_DOWN event. So it didn't broadcast and other phone cannot find and connect to it.


      When I forget the BLE or turn off Bluetooth radio in my phone, the BLE device receive BLECM_APP_EVT_LINK_DOWN event.


      Test Device:

      Moto G - Android 5.1

      WICED Smart IDE - Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers 2.2.1





      Thank you