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    devlpm_registerForLowPowerQueries() Doesn't get Re-enabled after DEEP SLEEP


        We have a critical roadblock to getting a product to production due to power consumption.  It has been found that the issue is the devlpm_registerForLowPowerQueries() works upon out of the box after a fresh 'Programming' of the device but after the Device has gone into DEEP SLEEP and awakes from DEEP SLEEP the callback function that is defined in the devlpm_registerForLowPowerQueries() no longer gets called to allow the device to go into IDLE/SLEEP mode.  I have attached both a BLE_TRACE output where you can see the callback function getting called before going into DEEP_SLEEP and then after the Device wakes up the callback function to check to allow the device to go into IDLE/SLEEP is no longer called even through the same devlpm_init() and devlpm_registerForLowPowerQueries() gets called?