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    WebSocket Receive Path Intermittent (3.5.1 MFi SDK)



      We are pushing around 1600 bytes status information from the module (BCM943341) over WiFi to the webSocket server hosted by EC2 every second. Also, the server as part of handshake sends a ping every 10 seconds, to which the module responds with a pong.


      We have a 130 bytes command that is sent by the server to the web socket client on the module. This can arrive any time. However, we have observed that this message is sometimes delayed and many a time, it is just not received, even though the server gets an ACK for every such message sent.


      I wish to know:

      (1) do we share tx/rx buffers at the lower layer of tcp socket send/recv?


      (2) what is the min/max tx/rx messages that can be sent reliably with moderate to lower latency ~ 1second?


      This is all without TLS.