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    wiced_framework_app_get_size returns weird values



      I'm working on an application based on a custom board that includes external flash memory. Currently, I can manage to read/write from/into this memory, and now I would like to use it for OTA purpose. So, I started to research in the Application Management Functions provided by the framework.


      I started with a simple operation which consists of opening several apps and reading their size. Here is the sample code for one application:


          * DCT_APP0_INDEX
         if( wiced_framework_app_open( DCT_APP0_INDEX, &app ) != WICED_SUCCESS ) {
            return WICED_ERROR;
         if( wiced_framework_app_get_size( &app, &current_size ) != WICED_SUCCESS ) {
            return WICED_ERROR;
         if( wiced_framework_app_close( &app ) != WICED_SUCCESS ) {
            return WICED_ERROR;
         WPRINT_APP_DEBUG( ("[D - OTA] Current app size (at DCT_APP0_INDEX)\t\t: %lu bytes\n", (unsigned long)(current_size)) );


      The code is the same for every applications. And here is the output:


      [D - OTA] Current app size (at DCT_FR_APP_INDEX)              : 99913728 bytes
      [D - OTA] Current app size (at DCT_DCT_IMAGE_INDEX)           : 1965531136 bytes
      [D - OTA] Current app size (at DCT_OTA_APP_INDEX)             : 1848942592 bytes
      [D - OTA] Current app size (at DCT_FILESYSTEM_IMAGE_INDEX)    : 852418560 bytes
      [D - OTA] Current app size (at DCT_WIFI_FIRMWARE_INDEX)       : 2306969600 bytes
      [D - OTA] Current app size (at DCT_APP0_INDEX)                : 2316611584 bytes
      [D - OTA] Current app size (at DCT_APP1_INDEX)                : 2360836096 bytes
      [D - OTA] Current app size (at DCT_APP2_INDEX)                : 2349637632 bytes


      As specified in the documentation, wiced_framework_app_get_size is supposed to return the size of an application in bytes format.


      /** Returns the current size of the application.
       * Returns the current size of the application.
       * @warning The size of the application is always aligned to sector boundaries. Application
       *          size may be different from actual size on a PC.
       * @param[inout] app : Application handler.
       * @param[out] size  : The size allocated to the application in bytes.
       *  @return Wiced reuslt code


      As you can see in the output, the function returns very strange values. I wonder if it is a normal behaviour (not yet stable part of SDK), or if it comes from my code.


      SDK version : WICED 3.3.1

      Microcontroller : STM32F415

      External memory chip : AMIC A25L


      Thanks in advance for your support !