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    app  is not getting called from the bootloader code-IOT Starter Kit based on BCM4343W



      Using IOT Starter Kit based on BCM4343W.


      We are planning to run the WICED Sdk 3.5.2(MFI certified) on this platform, to make use of the extensive libraries the SDK provides.


      we are trying to run the WICED SDK on the STM32F407VG(Discovery board). We were able to flash the bootloader, DCT and the application images using the STlink JTAG. When the system boots, the bootloader is running, but the app  is not getting called from the bootloader code. I would appreciate, if you can help us with this situation.

      We have followed the same steps as per below link, but not able run the Application Code.






      I am attaching pdf document which explains the steps that we followed to bring up the STM discovery board.


      I am attaching logs that we get while building and flashing.


      Kindly help on the solution for the situation mentioned.