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    Welcome new Broadcom WICED Module Partner California Eastern Labs (CEL)...


      CEL provides a broad range of wireless solutions, including its Cortet™ Modules, SiPs, IP Bridges, Embedded Software, Apps, and Device Cloud offerings.  CEL allows its customers to 'Connect with Simplicity', circumventing the complexity of IoT connectivity by providing full turnkey solutions - many of which are based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies.  Our 60 year heritage in wireless coupled with our sales of 3M+ modules to date are testaments to our commitment to quality and our ability to scale for this prolific segment of the wireless market.


      Our Cortet™ WB4343 Wi-Fi + BLE module allows you to bypass the headaches associated with RF design, RF test and FCC/IC/CE certifications.  Simply drop in the fully integrated device for complete turnkey solution.


      CEL's WB4343 Wi-Fi + BLE SiP offering utilizes the same chipset as used in its module sibling.  Migrating to a SiP-based design is quick and easy since you can simply port over the same embedded code as used on the module.  SiPs come fully RF tested and pre-certified to work with common antenna elements.


      Both WB4343 module offerings support the WICED SDK.


      Learn more: CEL



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