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      Hello All,


      We're using BCM9WCDUSI09 platform(1Mb external flash, 1Mb internal flash, 128k ram) and will be using OTA2 for updating the platform when needed. (The platform will check server if there's update or not, if yes then it'll update itself)


      I have several questions in mind :


      1. Is it possible to use the new OTA system for our platform? If yes, then how can we obtain the file “ota2_image_defines.mk”? Or do we have to write it ourselves, what are the contents?


      2. Also I have read that there’ll be an example ota2 app release for platforms such as ours, when do you think that would be available?


      3. I have also read that there is a problem with the ota with platforms such as ours(ota app is in the external flash and cannot be executed from ram because of size) because there is a bug in bootloader application.


      4. Are there any detailed documents do you have other than the OTA2 Doc that comes with SDK 3.5.2. If there is, that would be very helpful. We're really confused, and couldn't really understand what OTA really does step by step(in the push and in the pull).


      5. What is the difference between OTA and OTA2? Are all SDK 3.x.x use OTA2(is the ota_fr app also OTA2)?


      Sorry for the question count, you may think some of them are dummy, but we're confused about these issues.


      Thank you all.