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    OTAFU fail because bleappfwu_writeMem cannot write to EEPROM



      I'm using a BCM20737TAG and Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter to test OTA feature. It used to work.

      Today I found OTA failed because CRC verification failed in ws_upgrade_verify().


      I print the data written to EEPROM and read from EEPROM. They're different.

      bleappfwu_readMem and bleappfwu_writeMem always return 0.

      This is the DS location.

      Active DS1: 0x00000580, Upgrade DS2: 0x00008000.


      I tried recover, it succeed. But OTA still failed.


      When DIP switch 2 of SW4 is in OFF position, reset BT, it can boot.

      When DIP switch 2 of SW4 is in ON position, reset NT, it won't boot. But I can still download application to the board. This is very weird.


      I feel BT cannot write to EEPROM after 0x00008000.


      Is there a way to download application to DS2 using UART?



      Thanks you