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    Run Time Error R6002 while run Chipload.exe through Commad prompt in Win7


        I have some issues while programming BCM20736 Bluetooth Chip through Chipload.exe in Command prompt. Please see the attached picture for more reference.

      While I sent the programming command through CMD, Command Prompt responds "Runtime R6002 Error" . We have tried same command with WinXP computer and it is working fine. So it seems my programming command is right. So I suspect some problem is in Chipload.exe which is not supporting for Windows 7. Can some one help me to solve this issue? Thanks in advance.





      For programming BCM20736 module, I'm following this link " http://community.broadcom.com/community/wiced-smart/wiced-smart-forums/blog/2014/04/23/factory-programming-example-programming-the-20732s-module-using-2073xtag-board