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    how to use websockets?

      is there a sample demo that shows how to use websockets?

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          The snip app for websocket will be released shortly.

          If you would like to implement it, you could find references in the libraries/protocols/websocket folder in Wiced SDK 3.5.2.





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            Please checkout a sample app in Re: WebSocket Custom Port Setting

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              There is some issue with web sockets implementation ... Unfortunately, the underlying web sockets library is quite unstable ... I have snippet that sends logs to web sockets and also sends status every 1 second ... I sometimes also receive some commands from the server.


              However, sometimes the app does not receive any commands from the server ... the rx path is dead ... sometimes I cannot send status periodically, if I Tx a bunch of logs back to back to the server. In that case also, the rx path does not receive any commands back.


              I see on the forum some of the same problems attributed to synchronization problems in the underlying library? Has anyone got this to work perfectly?


              Besides this implementation, has anyone tried to port wslay (a web sockets implementation, open source) to WICED?


              Can Broadcom FAE comment on this and the status of the web sockets client application and the underlying library?

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                I noticed you had another question on web sockets elsewhere so just in case you missed that response I will post it here for you also....


                If you are interested to see how to do this with ZentriOS which is makes certain functions of WICED a little easier to use, I have published two tutorials in the 'Beginners guide to ZentriOS' blog.

                The first is about focused on running a server on the device (Beginners guide to ZentriOS : Websockets (Server)), the second is about running a client Beginners guide to ZentriOS : Websockets (Client).

                Hope it helps!

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