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    turn off bonding

      Is turning off bonding possible?  Can a host device connect to a Broadcom 920737 device and enable notifications and indications without bonding?


      Currently, my Android app has to bond to the Broadcom device when the app enables notifications.  When the app tries to enable notifications without bonding, the app receives an INSUFFICIENT_AUTHENTICATION code from the Android OS.


      Is there a way in the Broadcom Wiced code to disable bonding?  I couldn't find Wiced example code that disables bonding.

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          Hello userc_24752


          Yes it is possible to enable notifications and indications without bonding.


          Check your GATT database. To be specific, check the properties and permissions of the Client Characteristic Configuration Descriptor of the characteristic that you are trying to send notifications/indications of. In order for you to send notifications, you need to write to this CCCD.

          If it has LEGATTDB_PERM_AUTH_WRITABLE, then it will enforce your app to bonding. Remove that and you shouldn't be bonding.

          (Note: if you used WICED Bluetooth Designer tool in the SDK, it will put that permission on the CCCD)



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