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    Get properties of characteristic

      Hi all,


      I use SSB-WM-N01 and BM-GP-BR-65 to develop a smartbridge scenario.


      I confront a problem that I want to get the characteristic properties (read, write or notify and so on), and I refer the sample code (bt_smartbridge) in SDK 3.1.2.


      But when I use "attribute.value.characteristic.properties" to read the properties of the characteristic, the read value is wrong.


      If someone know how to get the correct the properties, please guide me, thank you very much.


      I also have another problem posted on

      wiced_bt_smartbridge_gatt_read_characteristic_values_using_uuid() and wiced_bt_smartbridge_gatt_read_characteristic_value() .

      I hope someone can guide me, too.


      I will be profoundly grateful.