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    what SPI slave sends when TX fifo is empty



      I'd like to use BCM920737 as a SPI slave configuration, following the example at apps/spi_comm_slave I can send and receive data.


      However I have a question : when the chip has nothing to send and therefore TX fifo is empty, what gets sent over the MISO line ? is there any hardware guarantee of a well defined value ? usually other SPI hardware that I've used before guarantee that when a FIFO is empty the value 0x00 is sent. what is the case with BCM920737 ?


      running apps/spi_comm_slave code as is and using a generic SPI master I can see garbage sent out on the MISO line when I didn't explicitly set something in the FIFO ? can you confirm that ?


      using SDK ver. 2.2



      Sheref Younan