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    Is resource download through spi bus in order of work ?

      I there,


      I am trying to communicate with Murata SN8000 using SPI bus (custom module with GPIO0 tied to VCC).

      Resources (firmware and nvram) are embedded into the application, and I use WWD_DIRECT_RESOURCES.

      I am puzzled with the function download_resource that simply cast the pointer to image data into wwd_transfer_bytes_packet_t without taking care of the header required by gspi bus transfers (as per WWD_BUS_HAS_HEADER).


      IMHO, a setup with SPI bus and WWD_DIRECT_RESOURCES is broken, can someone confirm that ?


      BTW I have another setup with SN8000 driven by SDIO, and that issue does not happens, probably because WWD_BUS_HAS_HEADER is not defined.