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    Unit Testing Support in WICED?

      I am pretty new to WICED, and writing a lot of new code.  However, I am finding the environment a very difficult one in terms of common practices like unit testing.  I noted that throughout the make files, there are references to unit tests.  For example library/daemons/DHCP_server has a makefile that contains definitions such as $(NAME)_UNIT_TEST_SOURCES along with a list of unit tests.


      However, I cannot for the life of me find any method to run these tests, nor any information on how to write my own unit tests for new code I am developing.


      This is a huge problem for us.  Can you provide any insight into what kind of unit test capabilities are built into the WICED SDK and how to trigger them?  Or, point me to any documentation I may have missed?

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          The closest approximation to units tests is the snippets code. Please look at examples there. Beyond this there is not yet any hooks for generic units tests. It depends on what you are trying to test. There are some additional examples in the test directory. 

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