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    SPIFFY2 and Peripheral UART pin selection


      I am trying to see if I can get peripheral UART running using P32 for TX and P2 for RX on the 20736. I noticed in Application Note BCM920732HW (Wiced Smart Hardware Interfaces) it says "When both SPIFFY2 and peripheral UART interfaces are used by the application, the SPIFFY2 signals and peripheral UART RX signal must be on the lower pad bank (P0 through P7) or on the upper pad bank (P24 through P39). Thus, SPIFFY2 and the peripheral UART RX cannot be on two different pad banks."


      We are using SPIFFY2 in our application, and we have SCLK P24, MOSI P4, MISO P25. So we do not have all of our SPIFFY2 pins on the same pad bank. Does this mean we cannot do peripheral UART on the desired pins if we do not want to change the pins we are using for SPIFFY2?