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    ChipLoad to BCM20736 + new EEPROM


      I'm trying to bring up a new board with a BCM20736 and an empty EEPROM.  I've successfully programmed a commercial dev board directly using ChipLoad and indirectly using "make" on Linux, but no success with our board.


      I monitored the UART on the 3rd party dev board and I see data being transmitted and received.  With our board, I see a few bytes being sent to the BCM20736, but nothing coming back.  We've checked power supplies, clocks, and it seems that the I2C bus to the EEPROM is active after reset, so the 20736 seems alive.  My assumption is that the 20736 would fail to run code from the EEPROM and fall back to the code in internal ROM, code that I hope will talk over the UART to ChipLoad.


      I have read this post:

      Programming the TAG2/TAG3 Board using command line tools

      , but it's not clear that ChipLoad will be able to get past an unresponsive UART, unless I'm missing something about how the UART must be connected or the default state of the 20736 with no code in EEPROM.


      Any suggestions or additional resources that might shine a light on general board bring up process?