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    BCM20737S acting different with same software

      Hello developers.


      I'm programming these BCM20737S single chip modules with the WICED SMART IDE. My problem here is, why does two of the same kind of module act different, when i put the same software into them? (They are set to not to have same mac-address). I want the BLE modules to send data when connected to power (3.3V). One of them is sending the data continuously when connected to power through pin 3 (VBAT) 3,3V and a GND, while the other module is only sending once when connected. (Note that they both have the same software intergrated!) I have used the hello_sensor example. I have changed the BLE modules name and they both updated their names which can be seen through a BLE scanner which means that they both have downloaded the application.


      One of the module are acting like it's suppose to do, while the other are doing some nonsense stuff.


      Does anybody know why this is happening and what can i do?