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    OTA firmware upgrade for BCM20737



      I want to do OTA firmware upgrade for BCM920737TAG and our own board.

      Is there any Android apps I can use?

      If I want to use Windows client WsOtaUpgrade.exe, do I need a USB dongle?If yes, where can I get this USB dongle?


      Thank you.

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          The supported Peer Apps within the SDK are all Windows based.


          If a dongle is needed, all of our peer apps which require a dongle will work with most BCM20702 based USB dongles. There are several threads throughout the forum which recommend specific ones, but most should work fine as they all leverage the Broadcom BTW driver suite.


          For Android, one of our power users created this thread a while back with specific Android instructions: SOTAFU for Android and iOS


          You may want to take a look at it....