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    Application outside of SDK install dir

      Hi All,

      I've been able to add a sample BLE application in the WICED-Smart-SDK-2.2.2/WICED-Smart-SDK apps directory, build and deploy it to hardware, but I'd like to have my application source outside of the SDK's install directory.  In order to use the SDK's toolchain, I tried adding -I's to my Makefile based on absolute paths under the SDK install dir, which helped gcc find headers, but I still have undefined symbols like "UINT8" etc. despite including types.h.


      Adding VERBOSE=1 to the sample app target I built show that make is using the "spar" directory with:

      "Tools/common/Win32/make.exe" -C Wiced-Smart/spar   -j4  cgs


      Are there other examples of adding an app outside of the SDK tree, or guides on how the "spar" make system works?