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    Mqtt with modem

      on the bcm94331 eval board I have connected a modem on one of the uart ports. I need to use the modem to communicate with a mqtt broker.

      I tried looking through the mqtt protocol code provided but got lost following the tcp calls that lead into the wifi driver. I need to replace the wifi driver with a modem driver that communicates over the uart connection through at commands. Any pounters would be greatly appreciated.

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          Presently WICED SDK does not support modem(cellular).

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            Currently the code is written as running on top of a TCP/IP stack. In the case of the modem using AT commands this would require significant rewrite to map the code. Suggest that you find another implementation. If you want to use the implementation in the sdk you will have to implement the TCP layer to map to the modem AT commands. You can look at the simple TCP client or server sample apps first to get it working on top of your modem.