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    Rebooting/Recovery of a BCM20737S **HELP**



      I have placed the BCM20737S on a custom board I am working on a the moment.


      I was playing around programming a few example programs from the WICED SDK.

      Was programming away fine. I was getting back print outs over the uart.


      I then uploaded a custom program and then I was getting no print back over the uart.

      Also my device was not showing up as advertising.


      I then tried programming an old example that programmed earlier with no problem.

      But it kept failing to program.


      My question is that I know the bcm920737tag has a function where you can recovery the device if the eeprom gets corrupt, this is what could of possibly happened to me?


      Are you able to recovery the BCM20737S with some function?


      Another thing is that when I go into my device manger to look at my com ports I only see one port. Usually you see two when you connect the BCM920737tag and the first one is the one you use for recovery.


      I am programming the module using the TTL-232R-3V3. Linking the rx of the bcm20737s to the tx of the TLL-232R-3V3 and the tx of the bcm20737s to the rx of the TLL-232R-3V3. Also connecting the grounds. This works fine for programming so should be good for recovery but im not seeing the two com ports like you would expect?



      Any help would be grateful.