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    20737 button wake up power too high!?


      SDK: 2.2.1.

      Tag: 920737.

      app: customer sensor APP FW from hello-sensor base.

      OTA firmware size ~ 25KB.




      Coz our device product focus on power-saving;

      device is power-on by inserting battery and have a timer(near 30sec) to enter sleep.

      After that, try to button for waking up system and we find during init process,

      system draws a peak current about ~18mA while normal system reset has no this kind of situation.


      Is button wake up by using below correct or need to be modified,

      or any stats about peak current of button wake up.



          // Configure the wake time in mS.
          devLpmConfig.wakeFromHidoffInMs = 0;  // wait forever until button.



          // Configure the reference clock to use.
         devLpmConfig.wakeFromHidoffRefClk = HID_OFF_WAKEUP_TIME_NONE