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    How to use HCI for debug trace?



      I am using BCM20737S included in Macnica koshian.

      Koshian - Mpression


      I use PUART for debug trace by ble_tracex and it works fine.

      Now I changed the port for debug trace to HCI, but it does not work correctly.

      PC terminal does not show any messages.


      Followings are my code.


      const BLE_PROFILE_PUART_CFG eval_puart_cfg =
          /*.baudrate    =*/ 115200,
          /*.txpin    =*/ PUARTDISABLE,
          /*.rxpin    =*/ PUARTDISABLE
          bleapp_trace_enable = BLE_TRACE_UART_HCI;


      Any hardware configuration need or my firmware is wrong?


      Can anyone answer?

      Thank you in advance.