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    Systems hangs for about 40s and then reboots.



      I have issues/questions with the versions 3.4.0 / 3.5.2. Perhaps someone can dive into the topics and give a feedback.


      - SDK 3.4.0 / 3.5.2

        - If I use the MQTT-Client (mqtt.c) with a Raspberry PI as a broker it doesn't connect to the broker with FreeRTOS / Lwip. It hangs for about 40s and then reboots. I think it hangs by opening the tcp socket.

        - If I use this setup with NetX/ThreadX combination it works as expected.


      - SDK 3.4.0

        - Sometime the system hangs sporadically for about 40s and then reboots. What could be cause for the hanging?

        - Could it be a problem within the wifi firmware?


      - Is there a callback function (interface for internal asynchronous call) to inform the user that the connection was lost?


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