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    Problem with AP + STA mode



      We have customized SN8205 module and when We'd tested apsta app on this it's working fproperly.

      But when we had modified app to our requirement its not working properly.


      commented below line in apsta.mk so we can configure device at runtime.

      #WIFI_CONFIG_DCT_H := wifi_config_dct.h


      Please find below flow of new app:

      1) Write config SSID and PASSPHRASE to dct.  

      2) Start config interface  

      3) Configure module using html pages through phone 

      4) Connect to the STA SSID and PASSPHRASE given by user  

      5) Write softap SSID and PASSPHRASE to dct

      6) Start softap interface


      Above all the steps are worked properly.But when i'm trying to connect with softap it's not connecting with my PC or Phone.


      Please find attached apsta.c file.


      Any help in this case will be appreciated.


      Thanks & Regards