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    Wiced sense defect no answer from support

      Hello !

      I bought 2 wiced sense to start with this broadcom line of products, one of then came with a defective compass and I asked on this forum on 18/12/2015 I received an incomplete answer Compass not working properly  and since then no answer at all.


      So the customer service seems broken !!!


      I also sent a bug report about the wiced sense android/ios demo applications showing different results for compass Wiced-sense compass on iOS/Android 90 degrees difference  it was acknowledged but nothing happen.


      So again it seems that no one really care here !!!


      There is any place/person to contact and have anything done ?


      Cheers !

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          We would also like to use Broadcom products but we'd heard that the support was like this #tumbleweed


          Your topic has been automatically emailed out to everybody registered on the Broadcom community forum which is how I saw it. If nothing happens after this then I think it confirms what we had suspected about Broadcom support.

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            Please work with the distributor you purchased this from to generate an RMA.  Unfortunately, WICED Sense was designed to be a very simple out of the box experience kit, and not a scientific instrument.  In the thread you reference, someone from our team did reply and asked that you seek calibration guidance from the manufacture of the sensor.  He also provided another app that he thought may be helpful.

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              Agreed. The WICED sense uses several non - BROADCOM parts (Sensors) We are focused on the BLE connectivity, and can't guarantee the calibration of every sensor in the device.

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                Hello !

                Sorry !

                But this seems like a robot answer machine !

                It's clear that you and the other person that responded do not know what you are talking about:

                1- The previous answer to my question was that the sensor would need be calibrated and it's true it was given a link to an application that has only one option "Calibrate" and no feedback at all (and I tried it several times anyway even without calibration procedure), the link for the documentation that supposed explain a calibration procedure only say that the sensor has been factored calibrated and save the calibration in rom, nothing else. And I stated that on the same thread without any answer.

                2- I also reported a bug in the applications provided to test the sensors from ios/android, it was acknowledged but nothing else and the bug is still there.

                3- I understand that this devices are cheap demos and not scientific quality products and I was not complaining about precision but as stated I bought 2 and one works as expected and the other not (by work as expected I mean it shows reasonable measures to all 360 angular positions).


                Anyway thanks for answer and I'll contact the distributor. This answer should be included on the first reply.


                Cheers !